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crater lake rv park
monaco dynasty

I am an adventurous single woman traveling the country in search of beautiful locations. I gave up the corporate life in Alaska to travel with my 2 dogs and a cat. I have a wealth of skills to offer and would love a seasonal position in a customer service capacity. I have an older travel trailer that is in very good condition.

I am looking for a front desk/store position in a campground ort RV Resort that provides an hourly wage and a FHU site that is dog friendly.



crater lake rv park
monaco dynasty

I am a single homebody who has had several careers. Yacht detailing, therapeutic massage the grocery industry. Since Covid I have also gotten some new skills doing warehouse work in shipping and receiving. I am also familiar with construction being a traffic controller for six years and working around several companies doing paving, pipelines, fiber, optics, etc..
I also have a short career in caregiving. My hobbies are painting helping friends with remodeling and cleaning.

I’m looking for a spot to live in Washington state and or somewhere on the west coast where I can trade work for rent and possibly make a little extra money on the side.


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