About Us

Behind the Scenes

Jen and I are full time RVers and Work Campers. Our work history has included restaurant ownership, food trucks, concession stands, and a catering service. After Jevon our youngest son graduated from college, we decided to sell our house and business and live a simpler and less taxed life. We then purchased our RV and discovered the work camping world. Because of my love of fixing things and a growing RV world we started a DIY video series on YouTube called RVing DIY Newbie to Pro. Jen also continues her Mary Kay business from the road in our motor coach and has developed customers in numerous states. A work camping trek took us to Texas which is where our Workersonwheels.com story begins. While work camping In Galveston Texas we met fellow work campers Bob and Coleen.


Bob and Coleen were work camping veterans who founded and started workersonwheels.com over 30 years ago to service the working RVer. Tragically and suddenly, Coleen passed away, and we acquired the website from Bob which brings us to today. We are still full time RVers, full time work campers, publish a weekly newsletter on Sundays, and having fun in the process. We have met more wonderful people in our RVing life than in all of prior years. We still have a great love for God, Rving, travel, and servicing the RV community. May our paths cross in the future and have safe and prosperous travel.

Jim and Jen Erickson

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